Mary Glenn Grimes

Telephone:  229-248-2560
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Office:  Room 229

About Mathematics

You will want to find correct answers.  Gaining
understanding of the reasons for those answers
will enhance your success and make your learning
a lot more fun!  It is never too late to learn.  Math
is not a spectator sport.  With practice over time
you can do math.  



About Me

My early years were spent in Florida.  Since then I've
taught in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.  I have a
daughter and son, both married.  My favorite times are
those with my family, especially our vacations together.
I also enjoy reading.



Useful Links

Here is a collection of websites that you might find
useful as you take my classes.

MATH 1113:

Resource for the TI 83-84 graphing calculator: