The Bainbridge College Strategic Plan serves as a guide for the future of Bainbridge College.

Bainbridge College 2011-14 Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Bainbridge College will provide students a comprehensive, high quality experience from recruitment to graduation.

1A. The college will revise its faculty evaluation process to include advising as a category, enhance advisor training, create an advising schedule and process for staff advisor evaluation, and add advising as a “program” for evaluation.

1B. The college will meet annual targets throughout the plan period for implementation of the Quality Enhancement Plan.

1C. The college will open a Student Help Desk to better serve on-campus and online students with standard technical issues.

 1D. The college will enhance tutoring services by providing online tutoring through a professional tutoring website and restructuring face-to-face tutoring in both Bainbridge and Blakely.

1E. The college will assess to what extent students believe that those from diverse backgrounds are welcomed and which staffing model, programs, and/or services would most help the college demonstrate its commitment to diversity & equality.

Goal 2: Bainbridge College will build a stronger campus community by enhancing organizational effectiveness.

2A. The college will complete a new Master Plan to guide future facility use and expansion with the goal of maintaining and enhancing access throughout the service area.

2B. The college will review its current public safety plan, review enforcement/communication procedures related to the code of conduct, and implement a mechanism for sharing updates regarding changes to related laws and regulations.

2C. The college will deploy a digital signage system in Bainbridge & Blakely to communicate timely and important information.

2D. The college will contract with a branding consultant and complete a new Brand & Community Image Plan designed to ensure that college publications, signage, and other marketing materials reflect and communicate agreed-upon institutional defining characteristics. 2E. The college will open a one-stop student services center designed to improve the student enrollment experience.

2F. The college will implement a voice over IP telephone system at all its locations.

Goal 3: Bainbridge College will expand the educational, economic, social and cultural opportunities for the citizens of Southwest Georgia.

3A. The college will decide whether or not to expand its mission and offer four-year programs that are intended to meet community workforce needs as an addition to the college’s existing program offerings.

3B. An ad hoc committee will propose to the president a new Strategic Enrollment Management Plan that enhances existing recruitment and retention efforts, and this plan will be implemented no later than fall 2012.

3C. The college will deploy an updated institutional website that is designed to be informative, intuitive, and maintainable.

3D. Hire a new position that is focused on identifying and securing grants that support strategic priorities of the college.

3E. The college will provide training opportunities for faculty to prepare them to teach according to the state’s new Learning Support format as well as pilot workshops for students who have taken the diagnostic on the COMPASS that are designed to better prepare them for college-level coursework.

Goal 4: Bainbridge College will promote faculty and staff development to advance excellence in education.

4A. Increase the total percentage of credit hours taught by full-time faculty by five percent (fall 2010 baseline = 57%).

4B. An ad hoc committee will propose to the president a new Professional Development Plan that enhances training, educational and re-tooling opportunities for all faculty and staff, and that plan will be implemented beginning in fall 2012.

4C. All college employees will complete the USG-required customer service training that will be coordinated by the BC Customer Service Champion with the goal of improving customer satisfaction.

4D. Increase global perspectives across the institution by creating desired Global Competencies for degree students, promoting faculty/staff international travel and on-campus educational programs in both Bainbridge and Blakely, and considering the role of international education in annual evaluations as well as promotion and tenure of faculty in keeping with USG regulations.