If you were going to a foreign country, would you rather go with a tour group or on your own? Explain.

Iíve lived in Georgia my entire life and have never had the opportunity or money to visit a foreign country. However, once I finish college and find a good-paying job, I hope to have the time and funds to travel abroad. I especially would love to visit Wales, the country of my ancestors. As I think about that trip, however, I realize I would rather go with a tour group than alone.

1 A tour group would do the planning for me.
2 If I travel with a tour group, I can probably get a discounted rate.
3 I may make some new friends by traveling with a tour group.


        Do you think of yourself as a "goal-oriented" person? Explain.

Ever since I was a child, Iíve had dreams for my life. Iíve known since the age of five that I wanted to be a teacher. My brothers and sisters used to tease me that I was too serious about lifeóthat I needed to have more fun and quit thinking so much about my future. However, my goals are important to my life.

1 I have short-term goals.
2 I have long-term goals.


        Imagine that you are a creature from outer space and have been sent by your leader to observe life on earth and report your findings. What will you tell your fellow creatures who are planning to visit?

When Natook asked me to visit Earth and report my findings, I was somewhat nervous. I had heard rumors about life on this planet that would make even one of our shigoilrs shudder. However, once I visited this planet two galaxies away from our own planet of Axorismth, I realized that earthlings are not so different from us. Indeed, I have several important findings to share with my fellow Axorismthians.

1 Earthlings are always hungry.
2 Earthlings care greatly for their young.
3 Earthlings are lots of fun when the sun goes down.


        Should preserving endangered species take priority over jobs, development, and property rights? Why or why not?

Iíve always been an animal lover. If I accidentally hit a squirrel when Iím driving, Iíve been known to cry for several hours. I never even squash a spideróI capture it and take it outside my house. However, if I have to decide between rights for endangered species and human beings, I believe we must do what is best for people, not animals.


1 Endangered species should not be given priority over jobs and development.

2 Endangered species should not be given priority over property rights.