1. Establish a Community of Learners and Create a High-Challenge, Low-Risk Classroom from Day 1

Use an icebreaker the first day to help students feel comfortable in the classroom; name placards made by folding 8 1/2 x 11 card stock in half can be used on tables to help you and other students learn names.

Create guidelines for the classroom experience, perhaps discussing  Understanding the Academy.

2. Avoid the Top 10 Teaching Mistakes

Read Mistakes 1-10 and 67 Mistakes, thinking about your own classroom and what you might do to avoid these mistakes.

3. Provide Help As Needed for Your Students

If a student is struggling in your class, discuss with the student how to find help before it's too late!

4. Keep Track of Attendance and Student Records

Attendance MUST be reported in Banner for first week attendance by the deadline. In addition, keep careful records of the last day attended of students who quit coming to class. All class material should be archived for two years--if you move, please turn in your archives to the division.

Have students sign in for every class on a sign-in sheet.

See the Faculty Manual for BANNER instructions for recordkeeping and reporting.

5. Find the Joy in Your Teaching

Try something new!

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