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Test FormatCompass Practice--All Areas


The Reading Skills Placement is an untimed 11 - 15 item test that measures reading comprehension.

Five types of reading comprehension passages are included:

  • Practical Reading
  • Prose Fiction
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences



The Math Skills Placement is untimed and has multiple-choice items that test the following:

  • basic skills—performing a sequence of basic operations

  • application—applying sequences of basic operations to novel settings or in complex ways

  • analysis—demonstrating conceptual understanding of principles and relationships in mathematical operations

The Writing Skills Placement is an untimed test based on 2 - 4 short essays. Questions include the following:

  • usage and mechanics: punctuation, basic grammar and usage

  • rhetorical skills: strategy, organization, style of standard written English

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