First Week Attendance Reporting in BANNER

Go to

(Or you can click on the BC Home Page; click on Banner Web under SERVICES.)

• Put in your user ID 9100 number.
• Put in your user PIN (This is not the password you use for your email. It is the number
assigned with your BANNER account.)
• Click on Faculty and Advisors.
• At this screen, click on FINAL Grades link.
• Select the term and course.
• You will get a screen with a pull-down box containing all the classes you're teaching for that
semester. Click on the one you want.
• Your student list should come up.
• When entering attendance, make sure you are in Final Grades; then tab over to “Attend
Hours” field. Enter a “0” if a student has never attended and enter a “9” if the student HAS
ever attended or has made acceptable contact with you.
• You may have more students than will fit on the screen, so be sure to click on the next set
of records to enter data for all of your students. Be sure to click SUBMIT after attendance
data have been entered or your grades/attendance will not be saved



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