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Faculty Teaching Handbook 2013-14


Learning Support Policies

A sample template for a Learning Syllabus is provided here.

Include this statement on all Learning Support syllabi:

Students who place in Learning Support must meet the following standards beginning fall semester, 2012, to remain in or to enter into the AA or AS degree programs.

Here are the standards for the AA or AS degree programs:

USG COMPASS Minimum Score Requirements for AA or AS

For admission to AA or AS degree program, applicants must meet the minimum score requirements listed to the right and they must not place into all 3 Learning Support areas.







Students enrolled in the AA or AS degree program have TWO attempts to exit reading, TWO attempts to exit English, and THREE attempts to exit math. All attempts before fall semester, 2012, are counted toward these totals, and all grades except W count as attempts. Students exceeding the number of attempts will be suspended for one year without appeal. Students may retest on the COMPASS in one year if they sit our their suspension.

Students enrolled in the AAS degree program or a diploma or a certificate in the School of Health Sciences and Professional Studies are not required to meet these standards. If a student enrolls in a technical program here or in any Technical College System of Georgia institution and later decides to work toward a degree with us or at any University System of Georgia institution, that student still must meet the degree requirements at the time he or she applies for a degree program. 

Include this statement on exit-level (non-pilot) Learning Support syllabi:

  • Students may exempt the COMPASS exit test who meet the following requirements:

    • C or better in this class at the end of the term

    • 40 or more hours of supplemental instruction in the Division of Adult Education that includes completion of individualized remediation path in MyFoundationsLab

Include this statement on TECH 0085 syllabi:

Students have two attempts to pass Vocational Math (TECH 0085). A grade of IP counts as one attempt; however, a grade of WF or U counts as two attempts. Students who do not pass TECH 0085 within two attempts will be suspended from BC for one semester without appeal.

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