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Faculty Teaching Handbook 2013-14


Academic Freedom

The instructor is entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing topics but should be careful not to insist that others adopt a particular point of view as authoritative in controversial issues. Profanity, off-color jokes, and similar forms of vulgarity, as well as racist and sexist comments, will not be tolerated.

Academic freedom includes the right of an instructor to exercise the rights of an American citizen in writing, speaking, and acting but he or she must remember that the public may judge the profession and Bainbridge College by these expressions and actions. Therefore, at all times when speaking and acting as a private citizen, the instructor must be accurate, exercise appropriate restraint, show respect for the opinions of others, and make every effort to indicate that he or she is not a spokesperson for Bainbridge College.

Academic freedom does not mean you are free to skip your classes! If you have an emergency or are too ill to teach your class, please contact your Dean immediately, and with his or her assistance, make every reasonable effort to notify students if the class has to be cancelled.

Because the primary objective of the college is the promotion of learning, faculty members are expected to meet all scheduled classes or to make arrangements for the meeting of those classes when they know in advance about a conflict, such as professional or medical leave. Please note that 10-month faculty do not have personal or vacation days.

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