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Faculty Teaching Handbook 2013-14


Reporting Attendance, Grades, Syllabus and Early Alert

Directions are linked from the titles of each of the 6 reports.

First Week Attendance Report (0s and 9s)
We must report first-week attendance to the federal and state governments because students who have not attended class are not eligible for financial aid. In order to document studentsí attendance, a sign-in sheet works well. PLEASE ENTER THIS INFORMATION BEFORE THE DEADLINE as afterwards is too late.

Sign the Drop/Add form for a student wanting to add your class during drop/add week if your class has already met.

Withdrawal Report
a student quits attending your class or has excessive absences, you need to document the date of last attendance and submit a Faculty-Initiated Course Withdrawal for Excessive Absences form.

Syllabus Upload
You must upload your syllabus for each class
to the BC website.

Office Hours Report
Full-time faculty submit office hours each semester in the first week of classes using an online form.

Early Alert Report
Early Alert allows us to identify those students who are at risk of failing within the first quarter of the semester (within four weeks for fall and spring and within two weeks for summer) so that they have time to counteract unsatisfactory progress and are offered resources to help them succeed.

Final Grades
Since no grades can be distributed to students until all grades have been posted in BANNER, please do not miss this deadline.
Read below for more information about grades.

Academic Dishonesty
Academic Freedom
Classroom Standards
Copyright and Fair Use
Deans, Chairs, Directors
Learning Support

More Information on Grades

Right to Know: Students are entitled to know their grades and how they are determined--and in a timely manner.

Grade Changes: Use the form or email Spencer Stewart at

Withdrawals: Students may withdraw from a class before midterm without instructor consent--but students cannot withdraw from Learning Support courses and keep credit courses. Students who withdraw after midterm receive an automatic WF unless instructors approve a W instead.

Students who stop attending your class or who exceed the number of absences stated on your syllabus must now be withdrawn with the Faculty-Initiated Course Withdrawal for Excessive Absences Form. Before midterm, assign a grade of W on this form. After midterm, assign a grade of WF on this form unless you recommend a grade of W in the case of a non-academic hardship withdrawal. A grade of W after midterm is allowable 1) if the student is passing at the time of withdrawal from your course and 2) if the hardship is of a non-academic nature. The student must also complete a request for a non-academic hardship withdrawal and provide documentation for the hardship to the Office of Advising and Academic Services.

When completing the Faculty-Initiated Course Withdrawal for Excessive Absences Form, you must also include the last date of attendance on the form. In an online class, your last date of attendance is the student's last date of log-in or assignment submission, depending upon your definition of attendance on your syllabus. You must also manually unenroll an online student from GeorgiaVIEW.

If you do not withdraw a non-attending student or a student who has exceeded the number of allowable absences, that student will receive an F.

Incompletes: Incomplete grades should be given only when the student can complete the work without returning to the classroom. Access the form here. Students cannot re-register for the course, and you must submit a grade change when the work is completed to Spencer Stewart in the Registrar's Office. An incomplete will become an F after one semester if students don't request and receive an extension to complete the work.

Grade Appeals: Students appeal grades to the Chairs (if applicable) and Deans. Also, if you believe a student has cheated in your class, please inform the student of the charges and also notify your Chair and the VPSA. You must include the BC policy for academic integrity on your syllabus.

Grade Records:
The Board of Regents Records Retention Manual mandates the following recordkeeping for faculty: (K38) Examinations, Tests, Term Papers, and Homework Records. Records may include but are not limited to examinations and answers; quizzes and answers; homework assignments; course papers; term papers; and essay assignments. Required retention is one term after completion for uncontested grade results; until resolved for contested grade results. If you leave the college, please turn in your grade records to your Chair or Dean.

In the case of a factual error, a grade that has been assigned to a student by an instructor may be changed upon written statement by the instructor that the grade was a factual error. These grade change requests must be completed no later than the last day of class of the third consecutive term following the term in which the grade was awarded. 

Office of Academic Affairs
Dr. Tonya Strickland, VPAA