The Nature of the Academy



First, a college is an educationally purposeful community a place where faculty and students share academic goals and work together to strengthen teaching and learning on campus.


Second, a college is an open community a place where freedom of expression is uncompromisingly protected and where civility is powerfully affirmed.


Third, a college is a just community a place where the worth of the person is honored and where diversity is aggressively pursued.


Fourth, a college is a disciplined community a place where individuals accept their obligations to the group and where well-defined governance procedures guide behavior for the common good.


Fifth, a college is a caring community one in which the well-being of each member is sensitively supported and where service to others is encouraged.


Sixth, a college is a celebrative community one in which the heritage of the institution is remembered and where rituals affirming both tradition and change are widely shared.



--adapted from Ernest L. Boyer, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching