The following statement should appear on all syllabi for the institution:




All cases of academic dishonesty are handled according to the procedures outlined in your Student Handbook under “Academic Integrity – Policies and Procedures.”  See that section for the full explanation of the following policies.

Bainbridge College defines academic dishonesty in the following way:

1.   Receiving or providing unauthorized assistance for an academic course.

2.   Procuring or providing unauthorized material for an academic course.

3.   Reusing one’s own work produced for another course.

4.   Plagiarizing.

Any instance of academic dishonesty will result in failure of the assignment and, depending upon the importance of the assignment and the egregiousness of the instance, may result in failure of the course and the assignment of an “FX” (failure due to academic dishonesty) to the student’s record. The instructor will determine the nature of the infraction; however, the student has the right to appeal any infraction affecting his/her standing in the course through the appeals process, described in the Student Handbook.

o   Unintentional Academic Dishonesty: In a case of unintentional dishonesty—stemming from the student’s lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of correct policies or procedures—a zero will be given for the assignment; however, the instructor may allow for the resubmission of the corrected assignment.

o   Intentional Academic Dishonesty:  Submitted work involving intentional academic dishonesty will receive a zero and cannot, under any circumstance, be resubmitted or replaced. An FX may result if the instructor determines the instance to be particularly egregious or detrimental to the student’s academic standing in the course.

o   Two-Strike Clause: After having been notified of a first infraction, if the student cheats a second time, he or she will receive an FX for the course.

o   Retroactive FX: If a student is found to have engaged in academic dishonesty after a final grade has already been assigned, the institution retains the right to retroactively apply a grade of FX to the student’s record.

o   Removal from Class for Academic Dishonesty: The instructor has the right to order the temporary removal or exclusion from the classroom of any student engaged in academic dishonesty.