Understanding BANNER@Bainbridge College

Once you access your BANNER information sheet, first check your address and phone number. If they are not correct, you'll need to contact Admissions.

Next, look at your courses for the CURRENT TERM. You should see all of the courses there that you are attending. (Make sure you chose the current term --click the back arrow if you see no courses and change the term to the current term.) If a course is missing, contact Admissions immediately. If a course isn't on your schedule, you will not receive a grade for the course.

Underneath your courses for the current term, you'll see your testing information. Knowing your test results is vitally important! Click here for information on requirements for the COMPASS and REGENTS' TESTING PROGRAM:

Understanding Test Scores

Next, scroll down until you see your Academic Information, which gives the following information:


First Major:  ONLY courses listed under your majors will be covered by financial aid. If you list two majors, they must both be diplomas or they must both be degrees. You can see what courses are covered by each major at this link.

Academic Advising--Courses for Majors



Second Major: Some degree students who are not eligible for HOPE Scholarship (which covers degree classes only and requires at least a 3.0 HOPE GPA) begin in a diploma program in order to be eligible for HOPE Grant (which does not have the 3.0 GPA requirement until AFTER 30 hours). Once students complete 30 hours of HOPE Scholarship-eligible courses and have a 3.0 or better HOPE GPA, they may apply for HOPE Scholarship. Beginning in Spring 2012, HOPE Scholarship will not cover Learning Support courses--only HOPE Grant will cover the cost Learning Support courses.. Learning Support courses DO count toward HOPE Scholarship and HOPE Grant GPA and hours.)


If the majors listed on your Banner Information page are not accurate, you must fill out a Change of Major form in Admissions to make a change. Make sure you discuss your majors with your advisor before making a change so that you understand the implications for Financial Aid and your future career.

In general, a certificate prepares you for quick entry into the workforce, and the HOPE grant covers the required courses for your certificate. An AA or AS degree is the degree that will transfer so that you can continue with a four-year or bachelor's degree. An AAS degree combines certificate and transfer courses. For more information about majors, see the BC catalog.

GPA: Your overall BC GPA is listed on your information page. This GPA includes courses for all grades except Learning Support. It is different from HOPE Scholarship GPA, transfer GPA, and graduation GPA.

The GPA listed in Banner determines your Current Academic Standing (displayed right under the second major). Your GPA must be at the following minimums in order to avoid Academic Probation and/or Suspension. (Suspension occurs when your cumulative grade point average falls below the minimum acceptable level two semesters in succession. A student placed on suspension may not attend Bainbridge College during the subsequent semester unless an appeal is made and granted by the Admissions Committee.

1-12 hours 1.20
13-27 hours 1.50
28-42 hours 1.80
43 or more hours 2.00

This GPA is also used to calculate Academic Honors: A student with a semester average of 3.5 or higher on 12 or more semester hours of course work earns placement on the Dean's List for the semester. A student with a semester average of 3.5 or higher on between 7 and 11 semester hours of course work earns placement on the Honors List. These hours exclude hours taken in the Learning Support.

To determine other GPAs or to see how new grades will affect your GPA, use the online calculator linked to the button below. (For example, to figure a transfer GPA, count only those courses in an AA or AS program. To figure a HOPE GPA, count only those courses that appear in a degree program (AA, AS, or AAS) at BC. To figure a graduation GPA, count only those courses that are counted toward graduation in your program.

GPA Calculator

Academic History: Your academic history shows courses you have taken, both at BC and those transferred into BC, and your grades. Make sure you check your grades as soon as each semester ends.  
CPC Deficiencies: If you are in an AA program and did not graduate from high school with a College Preparatory Curriculum within the last five years, the following courses are additional to those needed for the AA (not AS or AAS) degree and must be completed before the you accumulate 30 hours of college-level credit:

o English (satisfied by LS English class or score of 60 or more on COMPASS English)
o Foreign Language (satisfied by one foreign language course)
o Math (satisfied by LS Math class or score of 37 or more on COMPASS Algebra)
o Natural Science (satisfied by 4-hour science course with lab)
o Social Science (satisfied by 3-hour course in social sciences)


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