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1. Go to the college homepage at http://www.bainbridge.edu.


2. Select the Services tab and choose GeorgiaVIEW. The login screen will appear.  


3. Click the Log In button. If this is your first time using GeorgiaVIEW on your personal computer, click the Browser Checker link. If all of the items have a check, you are ready to go. If not, you will need to make the recommended changes.  

4. Enter your user name and password. Your user name is the first part of your Bainbridge College email address. Your password is your Banner PIN. Contact Admissions in person if you don't have your PIN. Your 9000 number can be looked up at My BCID, and directions for your email address are in Banner Web.


5. Once logged in, you will see the GeorgiaVIEW page. This is your organizer page. Besides listing your courses, the GeorgiaVIEW page also gives you a view of your class calendars, new mail, new grades, and important announcements. You can add your own calendar entries, bookmarks, and to-do items.

6. Click on your course. You'll see all of your courses listed, but unless your other instructors are using GeorgiaVIEW, you'll be unable to enter those courses. You can choose which courses to show or hide on this webpage by clicking the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of COURSE LIST on MyWebCT.

The Online Support Center offers 24/7 assistance, including password resets